We start with you

  • Your financial details are combined with economic parameters and market trends to prepare input for our algorithms.
  • We utilize these details to map out your risks, assets and liabilities across your lifetime.
  • The information that you provide is fully encrypted and used only for your financial analysis. We are legally bound to do that.
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Your Wealthscore and Insights

  • We quantify the likelihood of achiving your desired lifestyle within your current means, as your Wealthscore
  • Wealthscore is an easy to monitor measurement of your financial wellness.
  • Our analysis also provides you detailed insights into your existing financial state.

Top quality and truly independent advice

  • The advice section provides exact steps that you can take to increase your Wealthscore, and hence financial well being.
  • We are not bound by what we sell. So the advice is completely independent and only works for your betterment.
  • If you want to get more detailed advice, you can get the Pro version either for Rs. 999/ year or by referring your 3 or more friends to check thier Wealthscore.