We make it surprisingly easy to understand and improve your finances


We make it surprisingly easy to understand and improve your finances

Your WealthScore summarizes 100+ factors to provide revealing insights about your financial future. It's free!

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Truly Customized


Truly Customized

Your Investments, Savings, Taxes, Insurances, and Loans are interconnected and impact your finances collectively.

Wealthscore creates a 360° plan and makes it easy to understand and implement what's best for you, overall.


Truly independent

You are free to buy/ invest using any platform


Our advice covers instruments (investments, loans, insurance etc.) for all types of risk and amount. Yes, even Govt. schemes.

Because we are not bound by what we sell.

What our users say about us

WealthScore was instantly helpful in understanding the quality of my planning. I ended up selling out more than 50% of my inefficient holdings and I feel far more confident now. Highly recommended!
While I knew my savings are okay, given the stability of a Govt. job, I felt I was missing a professional grade planning for my investments. WealthScore helped me understand all the gaps in my plan.
Maj S Garg

Maj S GargIndian Armed Forces

WealthScore gave me a very comprehensive view of my finances, which was time consuming for me to do it myself. I redesigned my portfolio and discarded all inefficient instruments. Relief is the word!